Weld Shaving

The Fastest Way to Remove a Weld

PushCorp robotic weld shaving technology is the most efficient way possible to completely remove welds in a single pass. These heavy-duty cutting tools are able to remove typical steel welds up to 3 inches in width quickly and efficiently at rates up to 3 inch3/minute. Aluminum and other non-ferrous welds can be removed three times faster than that! (see our Automated Weld Removal Equipment)

In non-automated processes, operators rely on visual inspections. Not only is this is a tedious process, but it leaves the finish completely up to the individual. The SWS100-3.7 and SWS100-7.2 add consistency to the weld removal process. The guide wheels can be adjusted to set the cutter height to machine the weld away — above, below or flush to the parent material surface.

Weld Shaving

Robotic Shaving Spiral Pipe

As an illustration, this video showcases how effortless robotic weld removal can be. In fact, a robot paired with a PushCorp weld shaver is just what you need to automate your manual material removal application.

This video showcases our SWS100-7.2. It’s powerful and rugged design allow it to shave the steel weld with ease.

  • SWS100-7.2
  • There are two key elements to this process. First, the AFD82 applies a constant contact and force. This allows the guide wheels on the SWS100-7.2 to remain in contact with the part. Without constant contact the inserts would be exposed to severe vibration, which would decrease their life significantly. The second factor is the adjustable height of the SWS100-7.2’s cutter. Once set, the weld shaver is able to consistently remove the weld to the same height every time. These two factors are imperative to achieving repeatable results.

    Additionally, high quality cutting inserts should be used. The SWS100-7.2 and SWS100-3.7 come standard with a set of premium inserts from Sandvik to provide longterm repeatable cuts:

    • SANDVIK – N331.1A-11 50 08M-PM4240