Robotic Gate Removal

Heavy Duty Equipment Built to Last

PushCorp servo spindles have been deployed around the globe to help automate robotic gate removal processes. Now more than ever, foundries are focusing on providing safer work environments and higher quality parts. PushCorp’s powerful and durable servo spindles are a perfect fit for the harsh environments and demanding applications.

Robotic gate removal typically requires the process equipment to be rigidly mounted. In this type of setup, the spindle is exposed to higher loading compared to grinding or sanding with compliance. Therefore, PushCorp has created a range of spindles for more strenuous applications. The STC1515, STC1015, and STC0612 feature heavy duty bearings. These help the spindles withstand impact loading and radial forces, to help ensure long term continuous usage

Gate Removal

Robotic Gate Removal Stainless Steel Casting

As an illustration, this video shows how effortless robotic gate removal can be. In fact, a robot paired with a PushCorp floor mounted Backstand is just what you need to automate your manual material removal application.

This video showcases our SFS91. It’s powerful and rugged design allow it to cut through the stainless steel casting with ease.

  • SFS91

There are two key elements to this process. First, the SFS91 rotates the abrasive at a constant speed. Then, it is important to have a robot that is rigid enough to make a straight cut with minimal vibration. These two factors are imperative to achieve consistent results.

Additionally, high quality abrasives and cutting tools should be used. Inferior cutting tools cut well at the beginning, but will dull quickly and reduce the material removal rate. Consequently, this can lead to high radial forces being transmitted to the tool.