The AFD92 is part of PushCorp’s Passive Compliance series. This end effector can apply up to 250 lbf [1112 N] in any orientation. Unlike the active series, this equipment relies on an external air pressure regulator to set the applied force. This pressure must change when a new orientation is programmed in order to maintain a constant force. For this reason, the AFD92 is most commonly used for robotic material removal applications with flat or prismatic parts.

The STC0612SM0612STC1015, and STC1515 are servo spindles optimized to mount to the AFD92. For belt sanding applications our RBS372 would also be an excellent pairing. Additionally, the SWS100-3.7 or SWS100-7.2 can be added for weld shaving processes. Together, these products can automate a wide variety of robotic applications:

  • Robotic Grinding
  • Robotic Sanding
  • Robotic Polishing
  • Robotic Deburring
  • Robotic Belt Sanding
  • Robotic Weld Shaving
  • Robotic Drilling

The AFD92 is the largest passive compliance device available. It features heavy duty linear bearings to handle applications with impact loading and interrupted cuts.


  • Single or Double acting force application
  • Carriage Position Sensor included
  • Integral cartridge air filter
  • User supplied pressure regulator
  • 250 lbf [1112 N] maximum compliant force
  • 1.4 in [36 mm] Linear compliant stroke
  • All fittings, fasteners, and threaded holes are METRIC


Model AFD92
Max Force 250 lbf [1112 N]
Force Resolution ±2.6 lb./psi [±166 N/bar]
Max Payload Weight 200.0 lbs [90 kg]
Weight AFD92-1 – 39 lbs [18 Kg]
AFD92-2 – 34 lbs [15 Kg]
AFD92-3 – 34 lbs [15 Kg]
Compliant Stroke 1.4 in [36 mm]
Supply Air Dry, 5µm Filtered, Non-lubricated, 80 psi [5.5 Bar] max