Force Compliance

Technology Overview

Robotic Force Compliance Devices allow you to automate processes and  give an industrial robot a “human” touch. Their sliding carriage allows the process equipment to maintain contact with a part’s surface with a specific force. This technology is a closed-loop system that works independently of the robot arm. Unlike, force torque sensors, our device does not have to compensate for the mass of the robot arm. Instead, we only deal with the weight on the end of the sliding carriage. This makes our robotic force compliance devices more accurate, precise, and easier to use than any other equipment on the market. This is critical when dealing with material removal applications (grinding, sanding, deburring, weld shaving) where consistency is key to achieving a beautiful surface finish.

Active Technology

Automated Active Compliant Tools utilize internal closed-loop, feedback control along with internal force, acceleration and position sensors to accurately apply the desired force to the your part. Accurate force is maintained over contours, in any orientation. Just tell it what force you want and an Active tool will apply it up, down, sideways or any orientation in between.

Passive Technology

Automated Passive Compliant Tools are simple, less-expensive, open-loop devices. They rely on external, customer-supplied air pressure regulators to set the applied force. While they may lack the ultra-high precision and flexibility of Active compliance, they work extremely well for less demanding flat or prismatic parts or more specialized processes like Weld Shaving where high-accuracy force control is unnecessary.


When combining PushCorp’s spindle and force compliance devices there are two ways that they can be mounted. The first way is a parallel configuration. This is great setup when using media such as flap disks and DA sanders. The direction of compliance is parallel with the spindle, which can be seen in the animation.



The second mounting option is a perpendicular configuration. This is great setup when using media such as bristle brushes or saw blades. The direction of compliance is perpendicular with the spindle, which can be seen in the animation.

Active Compliance

Active Compliance Controller



The PushCorp FCUFLEX compliance controller combined with PushCorp’s Active Compliance Force Devices creates an integrated force control system unsurpassed by anything else available today. The FCUFLEX enables complete stand-alone operation and provides several advanced features unique to the Advanced Adjustable Force System.

These functions include automatic motor/tool weighing, automatic motor weight compensation, and automatic compensation of acceleration induced forces. All of this combines to make it incredibly easy to integrate super-accurate force control capabilities into your processing environment.

The FCUFLEX has multiple standard control interfaces including USB Serial, 24 VDC digital, and Ethernet TCP, UDP, HTTP (JSON Protocol). Optional Fieldbus protocols are also available including DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP, and Profinet. These interfaces allow plug-n-play configuration and operation by a remote PLC, robot controller, or personal computer.

Passive Compliance

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